Industrial v Artisan – What’s the real difference?


One of our Italian antipasto producers sent us this simple comparison that pointedly illustrates just how much they differ. This example is for vegetables in oil:


Starts with 100kg of fresh product.

To conserve the product in jars they add water, salt, vinegar and chemical preservatives together with oil from unknown origin (i.e. uncontrolled).

After processing they get around 300kg of finished product. The main ingredient is water.

You’ll find hundreds of these products sitting on supermarket shelves


Starts with 100kg of fresh product.

The fresh raw materials are dried naturally in the sun until they reach 5% of their original weight.  After drying and a quick hydration in hot water for a few minutes, natural flavourings are added (often origano, garlic, basil, chilli, mint) and locally produced extravirgin olive oil. Finally it is put into jars and sterilised.

After this type of processing around 10kg of finished product is obtained. That’s 30 times less than industrial. The main ingredient is the vegetable, full of flavour!

We know which we prefer:


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